Hand & Nails Kit

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Bloom Hand & Nail kit :
 A full kit of hand and nails mask , scrub , lotion and oil
 Clean your hands for softener feeling
 For natural nutrition for ultimate hand and nails care
This Kit Includes : 
 Hand & Nails Mud Mask 20 g 
 Hand & Nails Scrub 20 g 
 Hand & Nails Lotion 80 ml
 Nails Cuticle Oil 80 ml
 4 Way Nail File
How to use :
1. Remove Nail polish, wash hands and dry.
2. Use the nail file in one direction only and in the following order :
 Shape > Smooth > Puff > Polish.
3. Apply Bloom hand mask for 5 minutes.
4. Apply Bloom hand scrub rinse with warm water and dry.
5. Apply Bloom cuticle oil to your nails
6. Apply Bloom hand &Nails lotion
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