Foot kit one time use


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Product Description

Benefits/Key Points :
Unique combination of minerals and Trace elements formulated by Nature at the largest beauty par lour.
To combine using unique & pure natural products in a special treatment will defiantly take you back to nature. 
This Kit Includes : 
Foot Mask 130 g 
Foot Scrub 30 g
Foot Cream 4 g
Foot Salt 50 g 
Sponge Bar (needs Pre-wetting) 
How To Use : 
1. Soak Feet in warm water with Bloom Bath Salt Solution for 5 minutes.
2. Dry feet using cotton towels.
3. Apply BLOOM Foot Scrub for 5 minutes with circular motion massage then dry using cotton towels.
4. Warm Bloom pure natural Foot Mask, apply on all feet areas (Feet must be free from cuts).
5. Wrap feet with plastic sheets then with Towel or bandage, Leave for 5 minutes.
6. Wash with warm water, Dry well.
7. Apply Bloom foot cream with relaxing massage in circular motion for extra moisturizing.

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