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Why Choose Bloom Products?

Bloom provides you with a complete unique natural range of products from the Dead Sea. You can easily feel BLOOM’s amazing results the first time you try it and every time you use it.
Bloom comes to you from the Holy Land, from the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth (400 m below sea level), the world’s largest natural beauty parlor and the saltiest sea in the world (about 32% concentration). Its water contains more than 25 various types of minerals and trace elements.

Training Bloom Team any where

  • Prepared for all skin types, for all ages and for both men and women.
  • Bloom helps you to maintain ideal skin function while beautifying your skin,
  • both together, because all BLOOM items are based on the Dead Sea
  • minerals, the bio-catalysts for ideal skin.
  • Bloom has been tested and approved in more than 40 countries.
  • Bloom has had very interesting and excellent feedback from all over the world.
  • Now you can join the natural BLOOM lovers.
  • Bloom is flexible to your taste, producing different, well-studied special formulas with different designs and private labels.

Why do we need Bloom minerals?

Our body contains about 4-5% minerals, which are very important for our skin & body functions. We usually loose the minerals due to several factors such as climate, aging…etc. So we need to substitute them by using Bloom collections.

How do Bloom products substitute important minerals?

All Bloom products are based on the natural Dead Sea minerals in well-balanced preparations, as well as on a variety of items, some of which should be used frequently, like the Bath Salts, Facial Mask, Body Mask & Facial Scrub.
Some of the items are for daily use like moisturizing creams, body lotion, cleansers, shampoo & soaps.

How can we get the benefits from Bloom products?

The main concept is that the 25 types of minerals included in all Bloom products work as co-enzymes and bio-catalysts for the skin functions to maintain ideal and healthy skin.

Examples of the minerals in Dead Sea water (Example of some minerals in Bloom Dead Sea products):

  • Magnesium: Aging of the skin usually accelerates when there is a Magnesium
  • shortage (there are 40 g of magnesium in each liter of Dead Sea water).
  • Bromide: A very important element responsible for relaxation.
  • Calcium: Essential for healthy and strong bones.
  • Iron: Carries oxygen through the blood.
  • Iodine: Responsible for the metabolism process.
  • Potassium: Regulates the skin moisture.
  • Sulfur: Excellent disinfectant effect.

Special advice?

We advise you to protect your skin from so many factors affecting its function, such as tension, climate, neglect, diet, medication, smoking, alcohol & unsuitable cosmetic substances.

“Back to Nature’ is going back to natural preparations, which you deserve from BLOOM Collections.

If we become clients can we get the Bloom training?

Yes, of course, with our pleasure, and within certain conditions that we will agree upon.

How to get more information?

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